Chat with the Push Reggae Band From Australia

The Push Reggae Band is the brain child of bassist Daniel Gabriel and lead vocalist Darrel Belle. Both being from the Seychelles islands they bring similar influences and visions to the band as well as some creole flavour. The band started in 2012 just jamming in the garage and playing small shows. It wasn’t until 2015 when drummer Paul Duncan joined the band, it started reaching new heights. An unstoppable drum and bass partnership. From then the band have gone on to preform in some of Melbourne’s iconic venues as well as Werribee Zoo and the reggae boat cruise as well as festivals including – waterfront festival, Emergenza festival and Jamaican Music and Food festival.

The Push Reggae Band are roots, they stand for honesty, integrity, humility and most of all unity. Keep your eyes out for The Push Reggae Band as 2020 will be the year of new music.

Being a band with deep Seychellois roots since its inception nine years ago, The Push have had to fight for its place in an ever growing Melbourne reggae scene full of talent and diversity. In a sense we have had to “Push” extremely hard to have our voices heard. We have always been a band with a message. It is only fitting that our first single and music video would portray this very aspect which is at the forefront of our thinking. “Pushing” is a song about the world wide social justice movement, and the different interpretations of it and how we can all in the end benefit individually by helping our brother man and working hard together towards a common goal. However, in order for this to happened we must remove the road blocks strategically placed by Babylons evil system and constantly keep Pushing.

Corruption Talk is a track that we have been playing in a live setting for years. Having been so well received by our local fan base at our many gigs in and around Melbourne, we thought it was about time we recorded it.

The message is simple, when you see corruption you must speak up, you must call it out. In these turbulent times who can we turn to, when many pillars of our society are corrupt?

Written by our drummer Paul Duncan, this authentic roots reggae track underlines the worst if what our leaders have to offer and how we can endeavour to fix it.

All Seychellois crew on this one. Eddy Morel on guitar, Dan Gabriel on bass and keys, Darrel Belle co-producing, song writing and on lead vocals, Paul Duncan on percussion and none other than the indomitable spirit of Pat Barallon (producer) pushing us to the limit every time. Our rock.

Krokodil from The Push Reggae Band. Busting down barriers and helping to bridge the vast musical gap between Australia and the Seychelles islands. Admittedly we have always had our tools sharpened for reggae militancy. However this dancehall and Afro beat inspired creole/english track has been an absolute labour of love. Sophia Azemia, Darrel Belle, Daniel Gabriel, Paul Duncan and Stuart Perera all feature on the track. Bringing us back to the old bump and grind dancehall days. Every song has a story and this one starts with a hungry crocodile trying to get his prey. Produced by the extremely big hearted and talented Pat Barallon, this one is a cracker.

Back at it again with our new track titled Bag Lor (Gold Ring). Fun, exciting, energetic and just straight out Kreol are the words we would use to describe this new track. This year 2020 we have many heavy conscious reggae tracks about to hit the airwaves. However  before we release any of those we have decided to do a little something for our people that love a bit of a Caribbean Island feel. The lyrics are supposed to reflect the strong will and fierceness of our local Kreol girls that we cherish so much. Attitude, sass, beauty and intelligence all in one.