Chat with Stephen Eliza – Elijah

Elijah better known by Family and friends as Stephen Paul Eliza, Born 2nd November 1975  Seychelles Victoria is also previously known as Dr Madman and Maddy. The one and only in different formats.
As for new songs as you all know Joahnah is the most recent but I would prefer to also refer to other recent singles such as :
Set Serman/Satan Vatan/Ou Menm Sa enn/ Ler Maman Koze Tande
This is a concept in preparation for my new album coming out soon.
My message is always based around Love . Love and life. In other words, there is love that we gain and there is love that we lose.
There is love that we need to be aware of but despite all enjoy life cause as the saying goes in Kreol ” Lanmor i voler”
So ,get bad as Joahnah does and enjoy life while you have it . These are the type of topics i talk about “Love and enjoy life.. Vibe up”
Ya man in this the NEW NORMAL we are in.I have really gone back to the Cocoon as a Caterpillar (if you know what I mean) in preparation to when things get back to the normal we know. Then I will fly like a butterfly.
I am adjusting to the new normal while in the meantime spicing and marinating my Vibes and releasing them one by one.
till I reach 6 and then add another 4 to make it 10 in total and at that stage release a new album.
Yep so that’s my vibes for the new normal. Stay Safe.