Chat with Sly Pothin – SLY Seychelles

I did all my schooling at Anse Boileau. Later I went to NYS and then joined school of Education Polytechnic. I started to sing when I was about 7 years Old taking part in music competition. I was always very competitive and won too.

My first album was with Sheila Paul and Our group was LADYLIKE.  The Album title was LEKEL which was released in 2000.This followed with WHEN SEYCHELLES GOES SLY in 2001 which was launched in Mauritius. KISISA KREOL was released in 2002 in Mauritius and the album’s title was also a song written by Mellow and it stayed in the top ten on Radio Plus in Mauritius for a while. LADYLIKE WITH LOVE was released in 2003 when Sheila and I reunited!

LA OU BRED was released in 2014 featuring Verna and Extra Big. I have had a few singles released apart from recording albums. MON LALIT AVEK SIDA was written for the Ministry of Health. MON SOUFRANS was written for children who are left behind and sent to Orphanage. KONBYEN ZONM PAREY OU was written to bad-mouth men.

SEMEN FINAL was written for a dear friend who passed away 2 years ago at the age of 29.

The latest single is RESTE AVEC MOI written by Elijah. On all my 5 albums, most songs were written by me except EN LEKER was written by David Francoise, KISISA KREOL by Mellow and Jonas by Verna

On the 2 Lady like albums Sheila wrote 8 and I wrote 8 songs. I wrote my first song PA KOSTE in 2000 and it was a big hit on PARADISE FM which stayed top of the charts at number one for a while and this was followed by ZOUKAYE, MOUTYA KAS ANBA etc…

This latest single RESTE AVEC MOI is from Elijah and I feel so privileged to have been picked to record it!! We are now working on a new single so do stay tune. RESTE AVEC MOI is a very romantic song and sad at the same time which talks about wanting someone you love to stay by your side.

The new normal has actually helped me positively and I was able to showcase my talent on Facebook and got wonderful reviews. Performing without a band was an excellent opportunity to prove myself and I loved every second of it.

Although I haven’t been performing with my group ZENITH BAND for a while now, I Feel Blessed that I am able to rehearse at my home and develop new techniques. Thanks to my mentor Mrs Lownam who has been by my side since 2007 helping me develop my talent! Great voice instructor!