Chat With Sanley Monnaie

Born on the island of La Digue on 5 April 1963, Sanley is a vibrant, passionate and experienced Musician with several years of experience in band performances. A skilled lead and rhythm guitar player who has a self-motivated attitude and commitment to music. Besides playing music, Sanley writes his own compositions and makes his own music arrangements. Other than guitar, he also plays harmonica, violin, “Bonm”, triangle and “Moutya” drum. He is all about promoting the Seychelles creole music.

Sanley is very much recognised for his skills and talents and often forms part of the selected best to accompany well known musician, composer and singer, Patrick victor.

Sanley’s upbringing on the small island of La Digue and later Praslin inevitably shaped him to become the honest and highly spirited individual that he is today. He became exposed to traditional performances at a very young age as both his parents and other members of his family were actively involved in traditional music; his mother a great dancer and his father a spontaneous composer and talented violinist. He joined the Jellies Band which was a very popular band in those days, alongside his older brother, at the age of 14 as a guitarist. This is where his debut in music started.

In his 20s, he joined the army forces and formed part of the army band named Press still as a guitarist. Although work commitments did not allow Sanley to continue with his active participation in music after leaving the army, he took the time to start composing his own songs and released his 1st album in 2003 entitled “L’anbiance des Iles” and his 2nd album “Son Lavi” was released in 2004.

In 2004, Sanley joined the Island Vibration Band which was based on Praslin and had since participated in several performances including representing Seychelles in a tourist marketing event in London in 2006.

He left Island Vibration when he moved to settle on Mahé in 2014 and had since formed part of the well- known Tanmi Band. He performed at a tourist event in Dubai in 2016 and in Reunion in 2017. He is very active in national events such as the Creole Festival and plays in tourists’ establishments on Mahé and other islands.

In 2018, Sanley featured in Telesesel Akoustik Program which showcased him as a musician and composer. He entered the Top 10 Chart on Telesesel in 2019 with his song Sipor and was on top of the chart for 6 weeks, amongst which he dominated the chart for 3 weeks.

Sanley has recently re-mixed 10 of his own tracks and will be releasing them on his new album very soon entitled “Kreater”. He is featuring with his daughter, a promising young talent, Elida Monnaie who has done the female vocals on his tracks. The songs address themes such as love, hardships of life and mans’ connection to the creator.

01-Anmize (Sanley Monnaie)
02-Mon Pa ou Lenz (Sanley ft Elida Monnaie) 03-Blan Dominer (Sanley Monnaie)
04-Mon kreater (Sanley Monnaie)
05-Mersi Senyer (Sanley Monnaie) 06-Doudou dou (Sanley Monnaie)
07-Vals Zwer (Sanley Monnaie)
08-Parol Sokan (Elida ft Sanley Monnaie) 09-Vivan Pardon (Sanley Monnaie)
10-Mon Met (Sanley ft Elida Monnaie)