Chat with Kyrtsie Sifflore – Real KS

Real is just Real, but when you add K.S to the Real it  is a completely different concept.Real K.S means the Real Kyrtsie Sifflore and there won’t be no other because i plan to be real in all i sing , all i say , all i do and who i appear as.

My childhood was great until i started to be misunderstood by everyone in my life. I was bullied in school until i decided to stand up for myself of which is also the reason why people started to misunderstand me and thought i was trying to be a bad child. All i was just trying to do is make other kids and people look at me differently and  not bully me every day.
I started singing when i was 9 and that was in choirs in church and in school shows and stuff. When i was two at some point i was ill and admitted into hospital and at there was this creole song called “Lapo kannnel ” and i used to love this song, so while in hospital i sang this on the hospital bed and all the nurses said that one day i will be a singer. I grew up loving music and singing has always been a way to express myself and for others who cannot express themselves in any form or way.
My first song was recorded when i was 15 and was not that great but it was ok for a first effort. This was recorded by Damasy  presently a singer in Seychelles.
My second song was actually recorded one year after by Dareal Thing , A producer in Seychelles which is actually an original beat of his own and the  lyrics written and sung by myself called Si Mon Ti Kapab  featuring Elcy whom  is a girl who wanted a chance of which i gladly gave her.
This new normal is just not normal, and for myself things are not going too well for me. But i have learned to never give up on what you love even if at times get rough.I will get there as an artist in Seychelles Especially knowing i have great contacts like Mr  Rudy around.
It is not easy especially if you are a new upcoming artist due to all jobs being closed and not doing to well. I make the most of what i have and as long as i still have my voice and my abilities i will keep on going strong  and i will surely be blessed.😊
From deep, deep ,deep down, i would like to thank Tropikal Soundz Radio for this great opportunity of which has shown me that though you do things in silence, there is always someone waiting to discover you, And you thank DJ Vamps for all, DJ Rudy for the great chance i have been given and for all the support i am receiving from you both.I would also like to thank my friends and family , whom know who they are for always finding a way with my 😜 attitude.
I have a new song which will be available on Tropikal Soundz of which i have a brief description below:
What i have  to say is exactly what you hear in the chorus and verse and everything else said in the song.
Like the chorus goes:
You never gonna see the sunlight, because love is about happiness, sunshine, connection by soul and more
If i want you every day in my life come be surrounding, means if i want you there is not for nothing i mean it, and if u are not there when i need you then,
You’re never gonna think it was right, if i left you lying there, like u left me
Because nothing about it seems right if ain’t in it”
And that is what i have to say to everyone, it is normal to love and do not be afraid to tell someone what you feel because one day, they might not be there for you to tell them, and if u say it even not to them, the message will reach them at some point
My new song is called Sunlight, or Nothing about it as many know.
It  is a song i composed last year and my best friend/cousin loved it to much that i had to make it the song really is all i have to say to someone whom  actually stole ma heart and even though he ain’t there no more, he is worth all the time spent on him and the song
So far i actually have more that 30 songs just not released and all composed by myself
Thank you all and watch out ,more music coming and not stopping ..😊😘