A Chat with Jones Camille

Jones started singing at The age of 20 when he joined the ” Stylistic” band and performing in Night Clubs and Hotels. In 1980 he moved to another group called ” The Jags ” as a keyboard player. The group was very famous at the Baleniere Night Club.
From 1981 to 1993 Jones was a member of the famous group ” Emotions ” which enjoyed great popularity in Seychelles.
His first Album ” Soufrans Lazenes ” was a great hit on the Islands of Seychelles. In 1987 he released his fourth Album ‘Coco De Mer ‘ and took 2nd place in the local “Decouvertes 1987 ” song contest. In that same year Jones participated in another song contest and came out 3rd his song ” O Revolisyon Seselwa “
In 1993 Jones disapeared from the music scene but however due to public demand he responded to the call of his fans and came back in March 2000 to release his 8th Album ‘ Nou Kiltir “
Jones no longer performs publicly in bands but plays gospel music in his church group.
Since he gave his heart to Jesus Christ his fans have been asking him one question: When are you going to do a Gospel Album?
He responded with The Album ” Blessed ” to the questioned in hand.
Since that call Jones has released Memwar Kreol Compilation 2008/Agape Love 2015/Mon Dye Mon Bezwen ou 2019 and now has just released his brand new Album for 2020 Sesel Annou Ini.
It must be noted that the Album ” Lanmour Agape” features one of Jones most popular songs to date called Pilye mon Lavi which is still one of the most requested songs on Tropikal Soundz radio.
The gospel projects are the honour and praise to my Lord . I thank the lord for the inspiration!