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Seychellois Artist Joseph Sinon, and Clive Camille launches another project called SMS 2 ( Sega Moutya Sesel 2 ). This is also at a time when Seychelles is pushing for the Moutya Dance to be recognised by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage. After a huge success with The Album SMS , this New Album consists of 15 songs ranging from Sega, Sega Moutya and Seggae. It also features various artists such as Elijah, Ruben and Linzy Bacbotte just to name a few.

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Travis has Been in the Music Industry as a performer for over 10 Years but has practiced entertainment professionally starting late 2012 and he has already had the privilege of hosting,performing and leading various shows amd concerts nationwide. He is the main Vocalist in the highly renowned Relation Band,who has been performing for over 20 years.
Lanmizik I MaZiK, dubbed LIMZK is finally here. One of the most anticipated album thus far it features 17 original songs written, composed and performed by TRAVS and the Relations (excluding Debout For: A/C Eddy Telemaque and Travis Julienne, Performed by Tyra Telemaque).
The album launched was watched by thousands as it streamed on SBC TV's SCB1 Channel and Youtube . You can still watch the launch through the stream link below. And order your copy of LIMZK right here.
A 17 songs master piece by Travis and The Relations. Featuring Mia, Tyra and Pusso.

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